June 27, 2015 sistatalks

Your first date? DOs and DONTs

The day has come! Your first date with the guy you met at the coffee shop is tomorrow, and you can’t wait to see him! That is so sweet! We know you are nervous, but you don’t have to. Really! Follow our advice and your first date with the guy will be the date you will remember for a long time:

1.       Make a smart reservation. For your first date, you need a quiet place where you can talk and know each other better. Try not to meet in a crowded area where you will end up understanding nothing from your talk.

2.       Be simple and beautiful. You don’t need an extravagant makeup to look beautiful. Emphasize your strong characteristics, not all of them.

3.       Wear something that will make you feel comfortable. Choose something classy and don’t forget your favorite jewelry. And remember, your look should fit with the hour and place of the date.

4.       Be yourself. Don’t even think to pretend you are someone else. Show him the real you, because if you don’t, you will be another person later on.

5.       Make a dialogue. Remember, you are on a date. You cannot only talk about yourself! Ask him about his life and ambitions. He will appreciate that!

6.       Feel free to express your opinion. You may not have the same points of view, but this does not mean that you have to agree with him. Express yourself and make an interesting conversation.

7.       Aim to another date. If you both had a good time, he would ask you for another date! And if he doesn’t, feel free to do it. If you liked him, why not? Self-confidence, yeah!