April 10, 2015 sistatalks

Why Did I Get Married?

I’ married with one child and I met my husband when I was very young. We both worked together, and I didn’t like him at 1st, but he still pursued me. He was tall and skinny, just not my type. I was friends with some of his family, so we started hanging out, and things progressed. Of course, he lied about having a girlfriend but I was young and dumb. They ended up breaking up; we started being serious. He ended up moving in with my mom and me in our townhouse, which I later purchased from her the following year.

He comes from a LAZY family!! My mom never really discussed relationships with me & neither did my dad. It was just my mom and me – she worked before sun up and till sundown, so being an only child, I was always on my own. He comes from a family where all the grown folk live together (his dad, aunts, etc.).

We ended up getting married. He had asked me before, but I was always telling him no because I didn’t like a lot of stuff he did. I get “saved” and didn’t want to live in sin so stupid me, I was like “you still want to get married,” and of course he said yes (I’m his meal ticket). It’s like I got so scared and worried about what God would say about me shacking that I married for the wrong reasons. It’s like I forgot about the reasons why I didn’t want to marry him. A few days before I went to the courthouse I talked to my mom, and she was just negative, and well you know marriage is hard, blah blah. I kind of just shut down and did it anyhow. She was upset and hurt because I did it without her. My mom was never straightforward to me about why she didn’t want me to marry him. I thought maybe because he was lazy and moved on his own time.