April 18, 2015 sistatalks

Tricks to straighten your hair

1. Put on hair conditioner on the entangled spots

When you comb your hair, instead of pulling, to release the entangled strands put some conditioner directly on them, this way you will comb more easily and pain-free.

2. Work from the tips to the scalp
First, comb the entangled tips then up to the scalp.
3. Use a wide comb before the brush
The comb allows you to work better with the entanglement; the brush will pluck your hair. The brush can also make your hair frizzy.

4. Comb your hair while moist
Moist hair is more natural to brush, and you avoid the risk of breaking the hair. Furthermore, it will be easier to straighten the hair that way.

5. For stubborn splicing
If your hair is too entangled put on a suitable mask and stay with it overnight. Very appropriate for that purpose is the jojoba oil. Apply it on your hair and place a plastic hat over your head.

6. Hot oil treatment once a week
The aroma oils nourish, soften, hydrate and help the hair with the straightening. Use them as a mask. Try the coconut and the almond oil or olive oil. It is better to do it while bathing – moist the hair, place the hot oil and put on a shower hat, finish the rest of the shower, take the hat off and rinse.
Now you can continue with the straightening…

Source: hairstylevision.com