June 14, 2015 sistatalks

Things you should never be self-conscious about in a relationship

7.) Dancing

Who cares if you’re not the best dancer in the world, or if your moves are reminiscent of Elaine Benes? One of the greatest things you can do with your partner is to let yourself go when the music hits you. You should always feel awesome about being in each other’s arms or simultaneously spazzing out to Taylor Swift in your living room. This is the glory of being a twosome. It’s like the best moments of being alone, but better.

8.) Your partner on an ‘off-day.’

So your partner doesn’t own a suit and is wearing a borrowed, oversized blazer to your friend’s wedding, or maybe they’re having a day when they’re not their most charismatic, and that day happens to fall on the night you’re all going out with your friends. Give your love a break. They’re there, they’re trying, and they’re only human. Don’t forget that their so-called imperfections are what makes them the person they are, and that’s the person you fell for. Nobody is exactly how you need them to be ALL the time. If they’re still kind to you, if they’re still trying to make you happy, if they’re still generally awesome in nature, they deserve a wee break from being superhuman-charming-partner-person at all times. Just make sure they give you the same pass when you’re feeling kind of blah. Having each other’s back when things aren’t “perfect” is the most reassuring thing you can do as a couple.

9.) Crying

It doesn’t matter why you’re crying, you’re a human being and you’re feeling something deeply and that’s totally cool to do in front of the person you love/who loves you. Also, it’s impossible to ugly cry in front of someone you’re in a good relationship with because they think EVERYTHING YOU DO IS BEAUTIFUL. Showing vulnerability only deepens your relationship. That’s the magical thing about love, isn’t it?