April 18, 2015 sistatalks

The blush – 4 rules of usage

We will pay attention to the final stage at the base of every makeup. Namely – the blush.

These little tips will help you not to fall into the unpleasant situation to look like a Russian matryoshka doll, but as a stylish and sophisticated lady, as we know you are such:

1. Select the color of the blush according to what goals you are looking for right now and where you are going – a formal event, meeting, work, coffee… It is best not to look older, but to pick shades that give you a fresh and youthful appearance. In this sense, you have many options – the market has all kinds of variations – from soft matte, through natural and up to brilliant colors blushes. Each of them can be a perfect choice at one time or another. Aim for the balanced and harmonious colors that match your overall look – from your eye makeup and lipstick, up to the shoes.

2. Powdered blush with a slight matte effect is combined great with the powder that you have put after the foundation. If your whole face is covered with powder, it is better to wear such a blush with you to get it refreshed from time to time, no matter what kind you have chosen initially.

3. The use of cream or gel blushes is recommended when you apply them immediately after the foundation, but before the powder. If you want to keep the special finish that gives the powder, do not use it directly after you have put your cream or gel for the face. Instead apply it only where the face is shiny (for example – the forehead, nose and/or chin) and everywhere else apply blush. If you have selected the correct color, the effect will be a very natural and fresh-looking face.

4. Experts advise that you apply the blush with tapping movements on the cheekbones and up to the hairline. You can use the blush and for sculpting your face, as you put it on the nose or somewhere else so that you change their shape:

1) If you have a very high or broad forehead and a small jaw, apply the blush down towards the soft part of the ears and to the tip of the chin.

2) If you think you have a wide chin and lower forehead, spread the blush around the outer edge of the eyes and through the forehead.

3) If your nose is too wide and too flat, use the blush applying it to the center of the nose.

4) If your nose is too thin, but on behalf of that – long, put some blush on both its sides.

Remember that the bright and vivid colors will focus on the features to which you have applied them and make them more noticeable. Dark, subdued colors do the opposite – darken and hide what you do not want to be visible that much.

Makeup looks different in artificial and natural light. Where possible, do your makeup similar to the lighting under which you will “shine” when you go out.

And finally: do not be afraid to experiment and try different things. You’ll be surprised how different you will feel only when changing your style of makeup or if you wear that skirt, for which you dream for so long.

Source: beautyandmakeup.inf