April 15, 2015 sistatalks

The 2 Main Things Men Want In A Relationship

Today I’m going to answer one of the most popular questions I get on the emails here, what men want in a relationship. As I’ve said on countless occasions, men are simple creatures and thus, my answer today will be straightforward. When I’ve mentioned this on the emails, many women were shocked by the simplicity of the answer…

As a woman, you may not agree with these because this is NOT what YOU want in a relationship, but remember, you are a woman and thus have different desires and expectations. When it comes to MEN, these are the MAIN things they look for when it comes to starting a relationship.

I agree that there may be men out there that have new expectations when looking for a partner but those guys are in the low minority, and that’s exactly why we won’t be discussing those other “desires” as they do not fit in with the GENERAL mindset of men and their motivations.


Comfort is another incredibly important thing to us men, and I can confidently say that comfort is the main reason why most men STAY in relationships. Many men want and stay with women that provide them with a safe haven, a comfortable place, a warm atmosphere in which we can escape the noise and stress from the outside world. This is not a physical environment, but more an emotional one. The fact that a guy can come home from work, sit down on his couch with his lovely woman next to him is something that all men dream about. We want you to be part of the relaxed atmosphere that takes our minds away from everything else in his life. We love and appreciate your supportive attitude and soothing words. We relish in your warmth and understanding. To put this more simply, your very presence makes us feel better