That Was Quick: Hip-Hop And R&B Groups That Came, Went And Were Forgotten About

At one point or another, many of us were singing the songs from these music groups, or doing the dances that they made hot. But despite cracking the top 100 with their songs and being all over the TV and radio for a hot second, people weren’t supporting the albums of these duos and groups, so they had to split. Or in some cases, group members realized that they wanted to go solo instead of being tied to (and having their money tied to) others. Whatever the case is, here are 15 groups who came and went with the quickness.

Az Yet
Az Yet brought a new level of raunchiness to R&B before it became the norm. Of course, they were group behind “Last Night,” from the Nutty Professor soundtrack. Of course, that song included lyrics like “Last night, I was inside of you.” (ewwwww!) The group also had a hit on their hands with the cover of Chicago’s “Hard To Say I’m Sorry,” but after that, and a few member changes, that was all she wrote for Az Yet…

KP & Envyi
Swing it over here, shorty! Yes, Khia Philips and Susan Hedgepeth had everyone singing their hit song “Shorty Swing My Way” back in ’98, but the women (who were actually solo artists and teamed up for a few songs), never put out an album or reached the same level of success with future singles as they did with that jam.

Another Bad Creation
In their defense, there were way too many pre-pubescent groups and singers out in the early ’90s, but Another Bad Creation did big things while they were hot. They had “Iesha” and “Playground,” and even popped up in the Robert Townsend film, The Meteor Man, but on the music tip, they faded out after dropping a second album that failed to chart.