How to survive in quarantine without breaking up

It is a fact that during the quarantine, many couples ended their relationship. This usually happens because neither of them was taught to be in the same place 24/7, with the same person. At the same time, quarantine is an unprecedented situation for everyone, so irritability and stress increase the chances of quarrels and possibly break-up.

Can you catch it? You can!

There are many ways to keep your relationship safe, even in quarantine.

Go for a walk, separately!

Send a message both of you and go for a walk. Do not tell each other where you are going. Take a walk, in areas you have not been together. After an hour, meet up and tell your partner what you saw, what impressed you or something that caught your attention. Thus, you create a topic of discussion beyond the trivial, while at the same time discovering new areas and points of interest that you can go along with. At the same time, you have completed a very important step. You have taken a wonderful walk with yourself. Is there anything better than that?

Find a “homework”.

Because of quarantine, many of us either do not work at all or work from home. So, our daily life has become a routine! There are many “homemade” activities that can change this routine, excite your creativity and, why not, attract the interest of your partner. Indoor gardening, mini renovations, DIY, Youtube tutorials, clothing processing and board games are just a few of the many things you can do to keep the routine away from your home.

4 main reasons why new relationships usually fail

1. Unrealistic expectations:

You are brokenhearted and cursed him for his new girlfriend … and now you expect from an unknown to fill your gaps! This cannot be done! Logic says that as expectations grow, each time you have to take a step ahead! Agreed, but at present, this theory has no benefit to the following simple reason: It is not that man is crap, is that you do not have realistic expectations! He is indeed not perfect, but may prove ideal for you! Of course most of the time it is challenging to discover simply because of prior separation and once again you are brokenhearted, and of course you think “All men are pigs!” Read more