April 12, 2015 sistatalks

Signs of a Failing Relationship

Think about where you learned the signs of a failing relationship
“Signs of a Failing Relationship” image by Enigma_thats_me via DeviantArt
If you think that not feeling “in love” with your partner means your relationship will fail, consider where that idea came from. For instance, I grew up with a single mom and no dad. I had to learn what a healthy marriage is like from counseling, from my husband, from reading books, and from the guidance of God. If I didn’t do the work it takes to discern the difference between signs of a failing relationship and the natural ebbs and flows of marriage; I wouldn’t be with my husband today.

Learn to see the blessings and misfortunes in everything
In The Parable of the Farmer, the old man teaches us that nothing is all good or all bad. Some things – such as a possible sign of a failing relationship – seem bad on the surface. But they may actually be an opportunity to take a good look at your relationship and make it better. Every couple needs to pay attention to their relationship, and do the work it takes to make it stronger and healthier. Failed relationships aren’t the only outcome of the problems a couple of faces.