May 19, 2014 sistatalks

Should You Date Him Or Dump Him?

Everybody tells you to “think like a man,” but it’s hard to know what he’s thinking when he sends you mixed messages, right?  So, what should you do if a man’s not being straight up with you: Date him or dump him? 

Let’s look at a few common scenarios:

  • He tells you “I love you” when you’re together, but when you’re apart, it doesn’t feel that way.
  • You’re “nice” to your boyfriend and overlook his bad behavior in an effort to support him, but in the end, he dumps you and gets with another woman who seems to control him (and he likes it)!
  • You act like a wife but he hasn’t committed yet and never brings up the “M-word.”
  • He tells you the relationship he has with another woman isn’t serious and he wants to be exclusive with you, but when you ask why he still answers her text messages, he says she’s having a hard time accepting that the relationship is over.

Let me help you decode men’s behavior so you can make a smart decision: 

So if he makes you feel like the only girl in the world when you’re together, but only sends you an occasional “i miss u” text, he’s showing you that he likes keeping you around because you’re the booty call. DUMP HIM! 

If you over-give to keep him happy and he still leaves you, it means he was using you, got bored and moved on to someone else. DUMP HIM!

If you give him wife privileges when he hasn’t even made you his girlfriend, it means he likes things the way they are.  DATE HIM, but have a “real talk” conversation with him about what he’s looking for in a relationship, what his beliefs are about commitment, and if he doesn’t want to get married now, then when?

And if he says that he stays in touch with a woman because she can’t let go of their relationship, it means he’s probably telling her the same thing and doesn’t want drama from either of you. DUMP HIM!

If you ever find yourself confused by what a man is doing, pay attention to what he does and says consistently. When you focus on his actions, you’ll discover everything you need to know.