April 4, 2015 sistatalks

My Boyfriend Cheated On Me…

What happens when your boyfriend is gay, and you’re part of his in-the-closet plan?

Mike and I met our sophomore year in college. We quickly became friends and stayed within a tight social circle for the remainder of undergrad years. I think I always had a crush on him, but he was dating someone, then I was. We never made the connection, but he was still a constant in my life.

As we wrapped senior year on the East Coast and I tried to figure out the next steps, I was influenced by his decision to attend grad school in California. He and our buddy Ryan were off to medical school—but I didn’t want to lose my closest friends. Since I didn’t have anything planned yet, when they suggested I head across the country with them and start a new, post-college life, I accepted.

And new it was: Mike and me began dating. This is what I had wanted ever since we first met four years prior. I wanted so badly to make it work. Dating Mike was eerily similar to being friends with Mike, but with slightly more physical contact. And I mean slightly more. Maybe it’s just because we know each other well, I thought. Perhaps this is what it’s like to date a close friend.