August 9, 2017 sistatalks

Just broke up? 8 tips that will help

And this challenging phase came. Where for a relationship or a wedding the ending titles fell, you do not feel well at all and do not know what to do.

Undoubtedly, it is one of the most challenging intervals for women – unless it is a relief that relieves them. Everything suddenly changes.

1. “Seek yourself. Think what led you to separation. You have experienced anger and frustration, and you also have your participation in the situation. “

Composure! Do not repress. Do not have the requirement to press a button and make everything ok. Heed your needs. It is natural to be angry, to feel sorrow, frustration. Do not push yourself. And when you can consider the reasons that led this relationship to its end, you will understand that there is never only one fault. Learn from this.
Try to be objective: neither to justify yourself nor to be self-defeating wrongfully.

2. “Redefine what you expect from a new relationship and yourself.”

Be specific. What do you want; What are you dreaming about? How do you envision yourself? What would make you happy? What does it satisfy you? See the relationship that just ended: what you covered, what not. Do not be disappointed and try to keep your pessimism away.

3. “Take this time as a unique opportunity for renewing yourself. Take care of your appearance, start exercising, set new goals for all areas of your life. When will you have time for yourself? ”

Me, myself and I … It’s not a bad thing to be alone. Take a look at the positive side. Really. It is a different phase great-keen great and beautiful experiences. Freedom is sometimes redeeming, and an excellent opportunity to deal with yourself. To care, to dress, to enjoy yourself. The gym besides providing you with the right proportions will help you get excited and make you happy.

4. “Invest your energy in things that give you pleasure: in a hobby, in meetings with family, friends or some new professional activity.”

When we do things that give us pleasure, we handle difficulties with more energy and optimism.

5. “Let the pain, and the negative feelings come out on the surface and do not be afraid. ”

6. “Behaviors such as backsliding or a quick transition to a new relationship are only” mascara ” for avoiding the feeling of loss. If the emotional process of separation has not completed, how will you start something new? It’s like carrying the “luggage” of the previous relationship to the new one. And how can you embrace the other with full hands? “.

7. “Give yourself time.”
There is no “a must.” Everyone needs their own time to handle a situation.

8. “Remember past stressful situations that have passed. Frustration and sorrow will not be permanent. “