March 17, 2015 sistatalks

In My Feelings: Do You Cut People Off Over Petty Things?

In a world where there are manuals on how to rid yourself of shoddy friends, I think we pride ourselves a little too much on looking out for our own best interests by any means necessary.

In the words of K Camp, “It ain’t nothin’ to cut that b***h off.”

We confidently tell people (including strangers on social media) what we won’t put up with, and when folks do things that we don’t agree with or like, we let them know.

Well, we let them know through silent treatment.

We stopped responding to their text messages. We stop calling them. We roll our eyes when a mutual friend brings up their name in conversation. We throw shade. We remind ourselves that people do say that as you get older, your friend circle tends to dwindle. And that’s probably for the best. We embrace that and start chucking the deuces at folks we used to look at like sisters. Oh well. Remember, you’re not putting up with any ‘ol thang anymore.

But is there a slight chance, even just a little bit, that you could be a little petty?

Petty Labelle?

Parked on Petty Street?

A Pettymint Patty?

Seriously speaking, many of us are gung-ho about what we won’t stand, and proudly say that we’re strong people who won’t put up with disrespect. However, a majority of the time, we don’t even dare to tell the people we’re mad at what exactly what we’re upset with them about.

I can say all of this because I admit that I have been and can still be a pretty petty person (jokes aside, I’ve been praying for guidance on this). I felt some kind of way about a friend not reaching out and being distant (not that I was reaching out like that). While she cultivated other relationships, I felt left out in the cold, so I said f**k it. I prepared to let her go as a friend, and in my mind, I started to withdraw from our relationship. I was pumping myself up to get ready to ditch an almost 10-year friendship because I felt like my friend wasn’t checking for me anymore. Better I cut her off before she cuts me off, right?