August 11, 2017 sistatalks

I’m Marrying My Long-Distance Boyfriend, Even Though I Know It’s Going To Be Hard

During those times of extreme pain, both Greg and I cursed the distance, not only because we both would have felt better going through things together, but because if something serious happened to me, I was alone. Recently, I was so bad that I was uncontrollably shaking, couldn’t stand up straight, and had to leave work. I had to tell Greg, and it wasn’t like he would be home soon to take care of me. He was an hour and a half away with a full day of meetings and patients.

Long-distance means he can’t be right there when something happens, and we both struggle every day with the fear of having something go terribly wrong when we’re apart.

Throughout all of these issues, though, Greg and I never forget what’s important: our love for each other. There have been so many times when distance, our schedules, and illness have made our lives difficult, and have made it easy to want to give up on our love, but Greg and I both know that what we have is worth it.

After years of dating, I always thought that all I had to do was find love. Now, I know better. Finding love is only the beginning; keeping that love is where the true work begins.


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