April 12, 2015 sistatalks

I Married an American: This Is What I Get

4. He does not dance: Where I am from, dancing is like breathing and singing is like opening your eyes. Everyone sings and dance, I could not comprehend how my husband cannot hold a tune or slap his body while maintaining a fire knife that is burning with fire.

5. He likes to hike: In Samoa, if you were born in the village, walking is the rule and driving is an exception. We do not do strenuous activities just for pleasure, we walk to get food, we swim in the freshwater pool to clean ourselves, we farm for food, and we sleep to gather our strength for the same work the next day. It is unfathomable to think that one would walk for the sake of walking.

6. He likes to go camping: I grew up in a village, we cook food in an open fire, we feed the chickens and the pigs, our houses have no doors, and we sleep on mats. Why anyone would find it pleasurable to replicate this way of life then, is something that is both confusing and intriguing.