April 14, 2015 sistatalks

How To Turn Him On: 4 Common Traits Real Men Desire In A Woman

Don’t take yourself too seriously. Be open to the fun life has to offer!

If you want to become the kind of woman that drives men crazy, make sure you have these 4 traits.
I’ve always said that there’s no one woman that all men desire. A woman one man falls head over heels in love with will probably turn another man off. That said, there are some common traits and characteristics most men desire in a woman. In fact, I’ll rephrase that. There are several traits real men desire in a woman.

First, let’s just be clear on the difference between real men and “man-babies.” A real man will return your calls and texts. He’s emotionally mature. He’s not afraid to talk about his feelings, and he doesn’t panic when you talk about commitment.
He’s a man who doesn’t play games and doesn’t expect you to play them either. He’s the man that will hold your hand, and cuddle with you on the couch without pushing himself on you because he’s in control of himself sexually. He’s the kind of man most of my women readers talk about wanting to meet. So, what are the common traits the real man wants in a woman?