March 7, 2021 sistatalks

How to survive in quarantine without breaking up

Story time.

Sit back and relax in your favorite place and tell stories from your relationship. Remember all the funny moments and describe them in detail. You will see how easily you can laugh, get excited and remember how beautifully you had a good time. This is also an opportunity to dream about the future, to say how you imagine your relationship, but also to discuss what brings you beautiful memories. In this way you will have brought in the present beautiful moments that you may have forgotten.

Cook together.

Cooking is a very fun activity to do with your partner. Look up for a recipe together, gather the ingredients and cook together. You do not need to have culinary knowledge and do not have to follow the recipe completely. The time you spend together is much more important. Once you have finished cooking, clean the kitchen together and sit down to eat. You will see how different this meal will be!

Watch movies that you can discuss.

There are many movies and series. They do not always have to be blockbusters. Find a movie where the subject will allow you to discuss and analyze it. Tell your opinion or even what you would do in that case. You do not have to agree. You need to discuss, each with his own views and arguments. So, starting with a movie, you will find yourself having a meaningful conversation that fills you up.

There are so many things you can do to protect your relationship from routine. But the most important thing is to understand that quarantine is something permanent. It will not last forever. But your relationship if you wish, can last forever, and offer you unique moments.