April 15, 2015 sistatalks

How To Pull Him Back If He’s Drifting Away

Secret 2: Emotions Are Contagious
Have you ever noticed that if you’re in a neutral, quiet mood, and a friend calls and is all ecstatic about some good news, you will automatically start to smile and chuckle along?

Or if your friend calls and sounds depressed and negative, you will get off the phone feeling worse than you thought before they called?

This is because emotions are contagious, and they usually transfer themselves from intense emotions (joy, depression) to less intense feelings (quiet, contemplative).

So why is this important to know when it comes to better communication and less arguing?

If you approach your man with an angry, upset or irritated attitude, he is less likely to respond to what you’re saying, or even listen intently. He will just mirror your emotion. That’s why it’s essential to communicate in a neutral attitude so that he can actually LISTEN to what it is you’re saying, not just react to your emotions.

Source: catchhimandkeephim.com

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