April 15, 2015 sistatalks

How To Pull Him Back If He’s Drifting Away

Is your relationship in jeopardy or under stress because of constant disagreements and arguments with your man where he doesn’t seem to listen or care?

Are you worried that you can’t seem to reach any common ground because every time you bring up what you’re feeling or what you want, he gets irritated with you?

As if YOU are the one with the problem?

As if you are wrong to disagree with him about anything, or wrong to say how you feel about something?

If you’re like most sensible women, then all you really want is a little understanding.

I know how painful and frustrating it can be when the ONLY thing that seems to be getting in the way of a close and lasting connection with your man is some recurring misunderstandings.

But I’m about to give you two secrets that will improve the way you communicate and stop the downward spiral of fighting today.

Secret 1: Creating A “Safe Place” To Communicate Your Needs and Feelings
The reason most men react negatively when you try and talk about your relationship is that they feel criticized by you.

Men want to know that you think they are perfect. More importantly, men want to know that who they are and how they act pleases you.

That’s why when you tell them about something that’s hurt your feelings or is “wrong”, they feel like they don’t please you, and that you aren’t happy with them.

“The thing that’s most important to a man in a relationship is that he knows that who he makes his woman HAPPY.”
Of course, that’s when a man will go to trying to “fix” whatever is wrong because he must find a way to make it right so he knows that he still pleases the woman in his life.

The thing that’s most important to a man in a relationship is that he knows who he makes his woman HAPPY.

So, knowing all these important insights into how men think and feel, what can you do with it to put it to use in your relationship?

To stop this cycle of a man feeling criticized, or like he doesn’t please you, you first need to find a “safe space” before you talk and share your feelings with him. That means telling him what you’re feeling or what you need without criticism, judgment, or drama.

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