April 12, 2015 sistatalks

How to Know if You Should Marry Him

Another important thing to consider is why you’re marrying him. Why do you want to tie yourself to this man for the rest of your life? Why are you in a love relationship that you’re not sure about?

Your love causes pain or makes you to second guess your fiance or yourself

How to Know if You Should Marry Him
I think A’s situation is a perfect textbook case of how to know you should not marry the guy you’re engaged to! All love relationships are rocky and take work. But there’s a difference between natural love that needs nurturing, and tormented love that is destined to fail.

A few weeks before I got married, I was scared and uncertain. But, I never doubted my fiancé – he was the last person I had doubts about! I doubted myself. I was scared I didn’t know how to be married, that I wouldn’t be a good wife, and that I was committing to something bigger than I could handle. In hindsight, I see that my fears were normal – and even healthy.