April 15, 2015 sistatalks

How to Get a Man Back When You’ve Messed Up

Have you messed up with a man and now you’re freaking out wondering if you can get him back or not? As you start to recognize new things about yourself and the mistakes you’ve been making with a man, it’s straightforward to start thinking that things are EVEN WORSE than you thought they were, and for this to freak you out more.

But don’t let this stop you from continuing to learn and grow.

There’s a funny thing that happens to us in life: It’s that any time you develop a new awareness and you start seeing your behavior in a new light, you first feel like kicking yourself.

But here is what doesn’t help: getting down on yourself, feeling overly frustrated and hopeless, and dwelling over the lack of CONTROL you have in your situation.

What does help, is learning from your mistakes and realizing a few important things about men.

A Man’s Feelings Can Change Very Quickly
If the man you were dating pulled away after you said or did something, you need to remember that this man liked you and was attracted to you for some reason.

And as much as it might seem like his feelings have changed forever towards you, there’s something you should realize: A man’s feelings can change very quickly, whether you want them to or not.

Now… most women don’t handle this reality about men, dating, and relationships very well at all.