April 14, 2015 sistatalks

He Played You But You Let Him: How Men Easily String You Along

Is he taking action or is this just activity?

As your guy spy, I am breaking one of the cardinal rules by telling you our secrets. So, have you ever put something on a string because you didn’t want to lose it? This is called tethering. That’s right, something you might forget but want to make sure you don’t lose. Men do this all the time, and it’s called: Electronic Tethering (e-tethering for short).

Here’s How It Works

Say there’s this guy you’ve seen a few times and you’re really beginning to like him. In the beginning, he came on strong, and there was chemistry. Then, he seemed to stop making plans to see you as much. Sure he’s busy with work or has family problems, but you’d still get a text from him every so often. For instance, if he’s at the doctor’s office, he will send you: “Thinking of you,” when he’s out with friends: “Wish you were here,” and when he’s out with his parents a “Can’t wait till you meet my mom.”

All this communication feels wonderful, and you feel connected, and women begin to interpret this text as action saying, “Gee, he must be into me.” Except, this is activity, not action. That’s right, ever since sleeping with him, he hasn’t planned a real date, has he? This goes on for a few weeks and then comes the late night text for a rendezvous. You bite because you like the guy and believe he’s finally coming around.