6 Signs You Need To Let Go Of The Man You Love

When a relationship isn’t meant to be, it just isn’t said to be.
That’s a concept that a vast majority of us have to learn to stomach – no matter how hard it might be. Just because a relationship is off to a great start doesn’t mean that it’s going to be destined for a happy ending. It doesn’t work like that. There are just too many factors to take into consideration when determining the strength and longevity of a relationship. Sometimes, even when the love and effort are present, the relationship still fails to go all the way. And as sad as that might be to comprehend, it’s the truth – and we all have to come face to face with the truth if we want to be mature about it.

Relationships aren’t easy. Love isn’t easy. Don’t believe those who tell you that true love is always going to be easy. It’s not. But that’s okay. Nothing in life that is worth having ever comes easily. So you still have to make sure that you are exerting as much effort and commitment into your relationship as much as possible. Don’t be so quick to run away just because things get a little harsh. Don’t get discouraged only because things get real. In fact, the moment your relationship starts to go through a few speed bumps, that’s when you really need to step up and double your efforts in your relationship. You really need to fight for your love. Because if there’s one thing in this world that’s worth fighting for – it’s love. So always be willing to fight for your love. Read more

I’m Marrying My Long-Distance Boyfriend, Even Though I Know It’s Going To Be Hard

“So, you have my number. Text me.” I wink and turn to walk out the door with my friends into the humid Boston night. I can’t keep the grin off my face. I have a good feeling about this guy, and I just know this is going to be something.

I’ve lost count of how many times that scene played out for me. In my group of friends, I was always the one looking for a relationship. I wanted more than casual dating or a fling. I wanted the Holy Grail: unconditional love. Whether I met a guy in a bar, on the street, online, or through friends, I always thought it was going to become something. But it never did. From the time I was 18 until the time I was 28, none of these interactions never ended up leading to the great love that I was endlessly searching for.

When I finally found it, I thought my whole world was going to explode in hearts and rainbows and flowers, and for a time, it did. But I never expected that searching for love would be the easy part. It turned out keeping the love was more difficult than I ever expected.


My fiancé Greg and I met on Tinder when he was volunteering two years ago at the Boston marathon. We were attracted to each other right away, and after exchanging numbers, we began talking every day.

I soon learned that he didn’t live in Boston. In fact, he didn’t even live in Massachusetts. He actually lived in Manchester, Connecticut, about 15 minutes from Hartford. Well, I thought to myself. Nothing’s going to happen with a guy who lives an hour and a half away from me, so I might as well just enjoy it for now.

About a month after we began talking, I was headed to New York for a friend’s engagement party. At that point, I knew from our texting that we had a true connection, as our conversations had been getting progressively more substantial over the course of the month. I thought, Now’s my chance to meet Greg and see if there’s anything there. And he’s halfway between Massachusetts and New York, so I can take a break from driving! (Yes, a large part of why I visited was because he was on the way to somewhere I was already going.) So, I went down to visit him.

Ever since, Greg and I have taken turns to visit each other every weekend. We never discussed this arrangement. We both just seemed to operate under the assumption that we would visit each other every weekend until one of us was no longer interested. That never happened. It sounds like a lie, but it really was that easy.

What Men Want: 6 Traits Men Look For In a Woman

1. Character

Being truly beautiful has nothing to do with your external appearance, but with your inner beauty.
Man look for the woman that look good as they do into being genuine and real.
They love women who have senses of humour and don’t take life so seriously, laugh with friends and with them. So, be yourself.

Man love when you get dressed up and feel beautiful, but is not necessary to change yourself for gaining their acceptance. Otherwise, you’re probably with the wrong man.

2. Respect

How you introduce yourself is a great deal in regards to your identity.

In the present society, there’s something many refer to as online networking, and it’s an essential list of references for men. Where you go, what you say and how you say it reflects you as a person.

Also, honestly, men don’t need somebody who is all over, doing everything, with everybody.

Young men who need the famous young lady might, but real men don’t play those games.
Without respecting yourself first, can’t respect a man.

They incline toward the lady who’s sitting home, perusing a book rather than getting a drink with her companions on the weekends;

The less they know about woman life, the more attractive & appealing she becomes. It compels to draw in, to ask, to search out.
If a man knows wherever you’ve been and all that you’ve done, where does that quit them?

3. Affection

Men are exceptionally physical individuals. Everything for us lifts with touch. By nature, they’re attracted to it.

It’s a given that a lady who is free with her offerings of friendship will lure us. It’s warm and inviting to a man.

Much the same as you, they need a lady to connect and snatch their hand; they need from you to come over and kiss them unexpectedly; they need from you to embrace them and ask out how the day was. It inspires this sentiment of being wanted.

It just reinforces that connection they have with you and opens up lines of communication, yet more significantly, makes them feel good — welcomed in.

5 Signs He Is Not The One

Look at five deal-breakers that could be the reason you haven’t yet committed.


1. You don’t like who he becomes when he gets stressed out

Having a man in your life who is able to give you positivity is valuable. We all feel the pressures and anxieties from work, school, family and health issues. Consider how the new man in your life manages the acute stressors. Now, times that by five. This will give you a fairly accurate picture of how he might manage stress after marriage and children. If you don’t like what you imagine, consider leaving the relationship. Yes, people can grow and change, but in case your man doesn’t, make sure you’re okay with his natural response to stress.

2. You find yourself not always wanting to be around him
When you are dating someone who is really special to you, you naturally want to spend as much time as possible with him.  Try spending an extended period of time with your boyfriend, and if you find yourself getting easily annoyed with him or needing a break from him, this could be a red flag.

3. You don’t have the same values
Marrying someone of the same faith makes sense for many reasons, though it is possible for couples of differing religions to have good marriages as long as they share the same set of core, intrinsic values. While having long discussions about his beliefs is important, it isn’t enough. You must see those beliefs in action as much as possible. If you, for instance, have certain beliefs about raising children, be sure to schedule some time where the two of you can be around and take care of friends’ or family’s children. Talk to your boyfriend about how he was raised and see if you are on the same page with discipline, rewards and family rules.

4. You cry more than you laugh
The dating life is not easy. It is fraught with apprehension and uncertainty, and tears naturally fit those emotions. However, if there is so much drama that you find yourself crying more than you are smiling, your relationship could be the problem. Examine how you feel when you are around your boyfriend and when you are apart. If you realize you are generally less happy than you were before you started dating, it may be best to break things off.

5. He doesn’t make you want to be better
The man you are dating isn’t perfect. You aren’t perfect. But the direction you are heading is worth examining. Sure, we all have bad days and lazy moments. We all make mistakes with money, at work and in our relationships. If the general pattern of this man’s life seems to be progressing toward a better version of himself, consider staying in the relationship. If you notice that he’s not attempting to improve himself spiritually, emotionally, physically and financially, it is possible you could be in for a life of future disappointment. He may be fun now, but having fun with him is only one part of a happy life. Being serious about important matters will allow your fun and joy to continue for a lifetime


Just broke up? 8 tips that will help

And this challenging phase came. Where for a relationship or a wedding the ending titles fell, you do not feel well at all and do not know what to do.

Undoubtedly, it is one of the most difficult intervals for women – unless it is a relief that relieves them. Everything suddenly changes.

1. “Seek yourself. Think what led you to separation. You have experienced anger and frustration, and you also have your participation in the situation. ”

Composure! Do not repress. Do not have the requirement to press a button and make everything ok. Heed your needs. It is natural to be angry, to feel sorrow, frustration. Do not press yourself. And when you can consider of the reasons that led this relationship to its end, you will understand that there is never only one fault. Learn from this.
Try to be objective: neither to justify yourself nor to be self-defeating wrongfully.

2. “Redefine what you expect from a new relationship and yourself.”

Be specific. What do you want; What are you dreaming about? How do you envision yourself? What would make you happy? What does it satisfy you? See the relationship that just ended: what you covered, what not. Do not be disappointed and try to keep your pessimism away.

3. “Take this time as a unique opportunity for renewing yourself. Take care of your appearance, start exercising, set new goals for all areas of your life. When will you have time for yourself? ”

Me, myself and I … It’s not a bad thing to be alone. Take a look at the positive side. Really. It is a different phase great-keen great and beautiful experiences. Freedom is sometimes redeeming, and an excellent opportunity to deal with yourself. To care, to dress, to enjoy yourself. The gym besides providing you with the right proportions will help you get excited and make you happy.

4. “Invest your energy in things that give you pleasure: in a hobby, in meetings with family, friends or some new professional activity.”

When we do things that give us pleasure, we handle difficulties with more energy and optimism.

5. “Let the pain, and the negative feelings come out on the surface and do not be afraid. ”

6. “Behaviors such as backsliding or a quick transition to a new relationship are only” mascara ” for avoiding the feeling of loss. If the emotional process of separation has not completed, how will you start something new? It’s like carrying the “luggage” of the previous relationship to the new one. And how can you embrace the other with full hands? “.

7. “Give yourself time.”
There is no “a must.” Everyone needs their own time to handle a situation.

8. “Remember past stressful situations that have passed. Frustration and sorrow will not be permanent. “

4 main reasons why new relationships usually fail

1. Unrealistic expectations:

You are brokenhearted and cursed him for his new girlfriend … and now you expect from an unknown to fill your gaps! This cannot be done! Logic says that as expectations grow, each time you have to take a step ahead! Agreed, but at present this theory has no benefit to the following simple reason: It is not that man is a crap, is that you do not have realistic expectations! He is certainly not perfect, but may prove perfect for you! Of course most of the time it is difficult to discover simply because prior separation and once again you are brokenhearted and of course you think “All men are pigs!”

2. The… past:

Was he unfaithful? The Next guy  will do reindeer to learn! Or even worse, you will become so much … bastak, which he will ultimately fed up and will quit from you! We sincerely apologize, but one is this solution and has to do with you. Realize that each person is different, and that maybe out there is actually someone who wants to be with you! Not worth even one chance?


3. The blur of mind…:

Something else that you may have heard, is the fact that before you enter the process to make a new relationship, you should have cleared up with yourself, what you want and what you ask for! Usually, when the breakout is recent, our mind and our reactions are irrational! What better then to hang to a new acquaintance, to fall and make the same mistakes and worse! And you will stay alone again blaming men! So you first need to think and then to action.
4. The… misunderstandings:

For better or worse, and since most of social media have come for good in our lives, we can not imagine our life without them! Unfortunately, it is also responsible for several misunderstandings especially if you do not know him well! A song, a status and you may become furious and perhaps without no reason! When you do not know the other very well, misunderstandings will occur! So you need to be very careful with social media.

10 tips for keeping your marriage alive

1.       Trust

The key to a healthy relationship is trust. When you love someone you have to trust him, believe in every word he says and makes him feel free. For example, when your mate wants to go for a drink with friends, there is no need to worry. You may be married, but this doesn’t mean that you have to forget about anyone else. Both of you want to spend time on your own or/and with your friends. This is normal.

2.       Interest

You have to show your mate your attention and care in every chance. Ask him about his day, his work, his worries, spend time together and avoid neglecting each other. A good idea is to wake up earlier in the morning and take your time together. You ‘ll see that you will have a better day this way!

3.       Attraction

Of course, you have to attractive. Remember when you first met and started dating. You always wanted to look beautiful and charming. Right? Why don’t you do the same thing now? There is no doubt that he loves you the way you are, but it is nice when he smells your favorite perfume or when he sees you in your red dress. Think about it!

4.       Renewal

Going a short trip only the two of you, planning your holidays, eating a romantic dinner in your favorite restaurant are some good examples or renewing your marriage. Being together for a lot of years is not easy, so you have to do things that will keep that sparkle shining.

5.       Initiatives

Try to be sweet and kind with your mate as at the beginning of your relationship. Tell him how much you love him, surprise him with something beautiful, make a small gift or even write him a poet. Taking initiatives is very important because by this way you show your man that you still love him and that you want him to be happy.

6.       Fantasy

Avoid doing the same things every day. Try some new stuff, use your imagination and do things that you are both excited about. For example start playing roles while you are at home, like start pretending you don’t know each other or start flirting. This will help you, guaranty!

7.       Respect

You need to be mature and show respect to your mate. You chose your man to spend the rest of your life with him. This means you love him, so you have to respect him, too. Don’t underestimate him and avoid being bossy. You have to respect him if you want to respect you back.

8.       Communication

Lack of communication may cause a lot of problems in your relationship. If you don’t talk with your mate about your interests, fears, issues or if you don’t understand each other (even worse if you don’t try) then you ‘d better start worrying. Communication and understanding play critical roles in a happy relationship.

9.       Common Interests

It is great when you and your mate have the same interests, and you should take advantage of it. Go out and watch your favorite movies, book your tickets for your next trip or hang out with friends. Imagine being in a relationship with your mate not wanting to come with you or coming with you only because he had to. Not nice!

10.   Sociability

Being social, friendly and outgoing can help encourage your relationship. For example, if you like hanging out with his friends or with his relatives, go ahead and do it. He will appreciate the fact that you try to stay close to his loved ones.

Money and Marriage. How do you deal with it?

Well, let’s talk about money. Yes, money!

We can’t do without money, we work all day and all night for it. Some of us spend a lot of money every day, some of us don’t. The question is how do you manage and spend your money when you are married?

Money plays a big role in a relationship, especially when you are married. Bad financial situation can bring a lot of problems between you and your husband in your everyday life, while good financial situation can make your life much easier. All you need to do is to program and prioritize your needs.

We gathered some tips that can help you make a better “administration” of your money while you’re married:

1.  Talk about your financial issues.

You and your husband must be aware of your financial situation, so do not hesitate and start talking about your earnings. Remember the beginning of your relationship. You used to “guess” how much your man earned, but now you don’t have to do that. Just go ahead and ask him. Same for you, too. It is not bad to discuss about money. You both want the best of your common life, so start discussing whatever worries you.

2. Remember how you used to spend your money when you were single.

Your life was totally different when you were on your own. You had different spending habits, obligations, needs etc. Remember those days and talk about them. Find the pros and cons and apply them to your common life.

3. Do not keep any secrets regarding your money.

If you have any debt, for example, from before, just tell it. These issues are serious and should be solved, no matter when they happened.

4.  Try to cooperate with your mate and don’t be competitive.

The financial situation between a married couple is an issue that should be solved in common. Try to make decisions together and avoid being bossy or a “punisher”.

5.    Spend less than you earn.

A smart solution is to write down how much you spend and how much you earn. This way you will both see what you really need and what you don’t.

6.  Set goals.

Having plans in mind, for example going for vacations, it is an easy way to save money. This will make you spend less money in buying things that you would never use.

7.       If you have children, teach them the importance of money and how not to spend it for useless stuff.