April 12, 2015 sistatalks


Ditch the low-carb diet

Still following a low-carb diet? Dr. Mitchell doesn’t recommend it when it comes to wanting to be halitosis-free. Low-carb diets lead to your body releasing ketones, which are foul-smelling chemicals that get exuded through your breath.

Chew sugarless gum
Chewing gum can freshen your breath — if it is sugarless gum. “Make sure to check the label and see that your gum is sugarless since bacteria in the mouth are apt to ferment sugar, thereby making your icky breath even worse,” Dr. Mitchell says. “While you’re at it you might consider slashing sugar from the rest of your diet as well to freshen your breath.”
Drink and drink some more
Staying adequately hydrated isn’t just good for your health, it’s a great way to wash away halitosis. “As long as you stay continually hydrated, your mouth will release enzymes through your saliva that wipe out bad bacteria — and bad breath,” Dr. Mitchell adds.

Check your prescriptions
“If you can’t seem to pinpoint the source of your chronic foul fumes, you might want to search for the source in your medicine cabinet,” Dr. Mitchell advises. ” Certain medicines like blood pressure pills, anti-depressants and antihistamines contribute to dry mouth, and thus, a toxic taste (and odor) in your mouth.” The dental expert recommends talking to your doctor.

Get a physical
Speaking of doctors, if you’ve tried everything and your bad breath is still lingering, Dr. Mitchell suggests making an appointment to get a physical. She adds, “Bad breath can sometimes be an underlying symptom of other health problems, including liver problems, reflux, diabetes and sinus infections.”