April 12, 2015 sistatalks

A letter to … the cheat whose behaviour led me to my husband

From the day I met you, there was a spark. A connection. I had worked and flirted before, but this was something new. This was a connection. We got to know each other on the office email, and at coffee breaks, we started emailing outside of work and got closer. Then on my 21st birthday, you kissed me. It was magical. Perfect.

The next eight weeks were amazing. Time spent together, kisses and more; a connection that continued to grow and electric chemistry between us. Then I dared to ask the question. The big one. “Where is this going?” – You told me you had a girlfriend. I had suspected but not known, dreaded but prayed not. Then it was confirmed. We were over, and I was alone again.

Eighteen months later, we had to work together. A lot. And it got intense again. I am not sure how you were working with me as a handover before you left to move in with your girlfriend. The same one you had cheated on for eight weeks.