April 7, 2015 sistatalks

9 signs you’ve found Mr. Right

9. He’s genuinely interested in your life
When a man cares about you with a pure heart, he will be very interested in your life, he’ll pay a strong level of attention to your goals and your dreams, and he will always support you throughout your endeavors. He will whole-heartedly listen to you when you discuss something about your life, and you will never feel like you’re boring him or he’s not interested.

When a man loves you, he loves you for everything you represent. He loves your habits, he loves your friends,  loves your flaws and your weaknesses, and he loves your life and is always interested in what you’re doing and where you’re headed in life.

8. You feel safe around him
A man who truly loves you will always protect you from the harms of the world. You will still feel safe around him, and you’ll feel like as long as he’s with you, nothing can go wrong, and he’ll take care of things. This blind trust is only achieved when your man truly loves you with all of his heart and soul, the level of care and confidence he gives you is enough for you to feel at ease around him.

When my girlfriend is with me, I make sure I do everything to make her smile, I make sure I make her feel protected with all of my power, that’s what true love and care is.

7. You feel cherished
A man who truly loves you will make you feel cherished, he will give you so much importance and value that you’ll sometimes feel like this isn’t real, and it’s not happening, but it is. This is what true love feels look like. My girlfriend often asks me if all of this is happening, because it’s so overwhelming for her at times that she doesn’t believe it’s true.

You also feel like you’re the most important person in his life and that you mean a lot to him. This level of importance can only be sensed when someone truly loves you.

6. Your friends and family love him
A man who truly loves you will take huge leaps to make sure your friends and family like him and see how much he cares for you. He will be the sweetest man with your family members, he will take special care of your mom and dad, and he will make sure they never question his actions. He will also make sure your friends like him or are at least okay with him (some friends can be impossible)