April 15, 2015 sistatalks

9 Foods to Eat When Your Stomach Is Bloated

When you’re bloated up like a balloon, the last thing you want to think about is certain foods to eat when your stomach is bloated. But hun, let me tell you, not eating during mealtime can actually make bloating worse. Skipping meals causes your digestion to become off balance, and while it won’t hurt you on occasion, making a regular practice out of it will. If you’re regularly bloated, anything from your hormones to your diet could be to blame. Some issues, such as IBS, are actually the result of either hormonal problems, high stress, or poor nutrition. Luckily, if you suffer bloating, there are some foods to eat when your stomach is bloated that can give you nutritional benefit, and won’t leave you to eating saltine crackers and white rice just to be able to eat. Eat these foods when your tummy is bloated, and in no time your digestion will be working well, your stomach will be smaller, and bloating will be a thing of the past. It’s also important to forego carbonated beverages, sugar, gum, excess sodium, excess dairy, and most processed foods and fast food.

1. Fish

One of the best foods to eat when your stomach is bloated is fish, concerning protein. I don’t promote animal protein regularly, but when it comes to stomach issues, it’s the best type of protein on your stomach. In fact, it’s easy to digest and can actually reduce inflammation in the gut lining that can lead to bloating to begin with. Fish is also high in L-glutamine, an amino acid that has been found to improve gut related issues. Fish is also an excellent way to get in protein, B vitamins, magnesium, and potassium. Though you can get these foods from veggies too, if you want a good source of animal protein, choose wild-caught, sustainable fish.