April 4, 2015 sistatalks

9 Easy Ways To Always Look Good

It’s not always easy to look good. But contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to slave away and spend hours in front of the mirror to look good. Nor do you have to shell out for those high-end products. Turns out, all you need to look good all the time are a few basic tips and tricks that you can throw into action. Use these simple ideas to look good every day and every night and rule supreme, knowing that you’re looking fabulous and feeling phenomenal.

Apply Morning Makeup

Wearing the basics in makeup can not only help you always look good but will get you into a much-needed routine so that you have a standard for putting on your face in the morning. Wash the face with cold water in the morning, dry and apply your favorite facial moisturizer. Add on a powder. Add blush to the cheekbones or bronzer if you prefer. Put on mascara in place of eyeshadow and liner, add lip color or gloss, and you’re ready to go and looking great.

Get Enough Sleep

Getting enough sleep ensures that your body and mind have had the opportunity to plug in, turn off, and rest thoroughly. While getting enough sleep may not seem like a big deal, getting under the recommended eight hours does affect the way you look, appear, act, seem– in other words, everything. It may not seem like a big deal, but chances are if you can get it together enough to hit the pillow at a reasonable time and stay there for eight hours, you’ll have more energy and be more focused, not to mention prepared to start the day. People will notice the lack of bags under your eyes and your bright disposition, which instantly makes you look good. You’ll look energized and refreshed both physically and mentally.

 Have A Good Hair Day

The hair is often viewed as the canary in the coal mine. Just hair alone can indicate what kind of a day you’re having and what mood you’re in. It can be overlooked often, but a little bit of focus on the hair always pays off. There’s a reason why ladies find excuses to be out in public when they’re having a good hair day! If you’re having a good hair day, you’re going to have a day where you’re looking good, period. The outfit is secondary at this point. Elaborate with the hair and put a good half hour to an hour into it. Look up interesting or unique hair do’s that you can manage on your own or with the help of a friend. You’ll look pulled together and stylish!

Make Sure You’re Properly Hydrated

The human body is mainly composed of water, so it may not come as a surprise that the number one beauty secret is, of course, staying hydrated. At least eight cups a day is recommended to keep yourself from becoming dehydrated. Water wakes up the organs, allows the body to flush out and process toxins, and makes the skin glow and look brighter instead of dull. Plus it’ll keep you from feeling fatigued and give you energy. Water is the ultimate beauty tool. Keep a bottle on hand around you and drink two glasses when you wake up to liven up the organs. Drink a glass before going to bed to lower heart attack and stroke risk by over half.

Have Healthy Looking Lips

Having healthy and plump lips as well as correctly shaped brows can go a long way to improve your appearance and keep you always looking good. Rich and smooth lips look healthy and nourished, while dried chapped lips can give the illusion of an unclean or ill put together person. Exfoliate lips with a bit of sugar on the finger or a toothbrush and make sure to seal with a beauty friendly brand of gloss or balm that won’t dry the lips out, like Burt’s Bees.

Work Out

Working out not only puts you in a great mood, but it does wonders for your skin and beauty too. Exercising prompts the skin and your whole body to push out toxins so that the body is cleansed and looks healthier than ever. Working out has been proven to tighten the quality of skin elasticity, improve the complexion, reduce acne, increase collagen production and purify the skin for a glowing beauty. Works for us!