April 16, 2015 sistatalks

8 Skin Secrets Experts Swear By For Glowing Complexions


“Wash your face as you mean it. Sounds simple enough, but too often people are in a rush and don’t take the time to ‘baby’ their skin. Imagine washing a pan full of grease. If you don’t take your time and wash it thoroughly, the grease and oil will still be left in the spots you didn’t pay attention to.” –Jennifer Kramer, founder of Corrective Skincare

Extra tip: In addition to washing your face regularly, Amanda Nederkoorn, one of the top estheticians at Face Haus, suggests spritzing a hydrating mist on your skin after washing. “Water often contains chlorine and other elements that are harsh on the skin,” she says. A mist “neutralizes the tap water and allows your skin to receive the products more effectively. Mist your face again after applying all your products to seal it all in.”


“People tend to just put a tiny amount of eye cream under eye area, and they are really missing out on its benefits. SMILE — and look in the mirror. The fine lines start at the eye but can extend to the hairline. Apply your eye cream from the bottom corner of the inner eye all the way out to the cheekbone and hairline, and then up and around the lid. Think of sunglasses: apply to the area a pair of sunglasses would cover.” –Sonya Dakar, skincare line creator and founder of the Sonya Dakar Skin Clinic