April 15, 2015 sistatalks

8 Easy Ways to Know If Your Relationship Is Over

It’s hard to admit that your relationship is over so you can stay in an unhealthy relationship without realizing it. If you are not happy with your partner or if he is not satisfied with you, a breakup may be the only smart option. There’s no sense in staying in a relationship that has no future. You just waste your time and your nerves. Here are 8 ways to know if your relationship is over.

1. He doesn’t call you anymore
At the beginning of your relationship, your partner used to text you and call you several times a day. He sent you romantic messages and flowers. Now, he is too busy to call you or to text you. When you call him, he doesn’t have any second to say how much he misses you. He never texts you back as well. It’s a sure sign he is not interested in you anymore.

2. You are not interested in him
If you don’t want to spend time with your partner, you stop loving his jokes and his kisses, let your partner know that you want to end your relationship. He has a right to know it. If you think of meeting another guy while dating your partner, what are you waiting for? Don’t waste your partner’s time! Respect and honesty are those things that you should never forget about, no matter what.