April 16, 2015 sistatalks

7 Ways to Capture His Heart

Lots of women are annoyed by all the men lining up to solve her problems. A true 22 lady accepts men as they are and uses that behavior to her benefit. She knows it’s very likely that a man looking to solve her problems is the man hoping to be her husband.

With cunning, pick your moments to play the damsel in distress. When the man of your liking responds, observe his response time, effort and strategy and determine if he’s worthy, or at the very least, competent. You’ll naturally be appreciative and charming, which inspires him to do even more. If you inspire a man, his heart is yours.

True 22 women are not wishy-washy, flakes or without conviction. She can’t afford to be when looking to make a man hers. She knows that men define themselves by one code or system of beliefs or another. Winning his undying devotion requires that she believe as well.

Think about Michele Obama. Do you think there was a second that woman didn’t believe her man could be the first black President? It’s her job to believe it if no one else did.

The nice thing is, you can believe in anything you want, religion, OWS, alien abductions. Find a man who thinks the same things, reveal how lucky he is to have “found” you and he’s yours.