April 16, 2015 sistatalks

7 Ways to Capture His Heart

As a true 22 lady is used to set her sights on the object of her desire. Whether it’s a pair of Jimmy Choo or the man of her dreams, she looks the goods over to determine a good fit. She doesn’t settle down; she selects up by picking a man as she would “to-die-for” shoes.

When you’re in a public setting, all it takes is a clear, alluring gaze from you for a man to know that he’s got a shot at being the one. He’ll either rise to the occasion or fail miserably. And it’s on to the next potential suitor.

It’s trite when men use lines that sound like they’re from a 20-year-old pickup artist book.  But when a lady uses the same line, it’s becoming an absurdist moment–on the one hand, you’ve turned the tables unpredictably by making the first move, but on the other, you execute it in an entirely predictable way.

It breaks the ice nicely with a good laugh, and he’ll admire your clever initiative and be forced to step his game up
Some women like sports; others don’t. Either way, there’s no excuse for being ignorant about the rules. Everything you need to know can be found in a productive afternoon at the office, right before you head to a sports bar, where eligible men are plentiful.

Set your sights on a man you want, size him up. Men are straightforward. He either wants a challenge, like a true 22 who looks him square in the eye and says, “So, who do you want to win?” or prefers the lass who asks good questions–this makes him feel in control and masculine.