April 10, 2015 sistatalks

Still wondering if he is serious about you?

How many times have you asked yourself “Is he serious about me?”. A lot, I guess. But it’s ok! We all have. From the moment you are with a guy, you need to know if he really cares about you and that he is not just killing his time with you. It’s normal. If your man cares about you, he will have the reactions below:

He will ask about “that thing”

Men that aren’t serious about their women usually don’t ask them a lot of details about their lives. They just don’t care. They only want to have a nice time and not hear complaints or whatever. If your man asks you about your job interview, that you were nervous about, or that doctor appointment you had yesterday, this means that he is serious about you and that he wants to know what you are going through.

He will clarify missed calls

Every time he doesn’t call you back, you start worrying, right? Or every time he doesn’t text you back on the time you start thinking a lot of bad things about him. Well, if your man is a gentleman and is serious about you, then he will definitely “apologize” for not being there for you. Maybe he was busy at work, or perhaps he didn’t hear his phone. It happens, it has happened to you, too. So, he will call you back and explain everything. If he doesn’t, well that’s a problem!

He will offer to help

If your man tries to assist you in any way, then he is serious and cares about you. Men who date women only for a short period or men who seek for some night’s company don’t even think about helping them. So, if your guy is there for you every time you need him, when you‘re moving or when you‘re looking for a car, then you are a lucky girl.

He will plan ahead

When a man is serious about his woman, then he wants to spend time with her. If your guy asks you, ahead of time, to be his date, this means that he is worried and that he wants to be sure that he will get your time. Otherwise, if you are a fling to him, he will replace you at once with another woman.

He will help you with your career

If he really cares about you, he wants all the other things in your life that make you happy to go as well as possible! If a man has clearly put time into thinking about your career, and coming up with suggestions for how you could advance it or be happier in it, he plans on being around for a while. He is making sure things in your future will be good. Because he plans on being with you then and he wants to be with a happy woman.

He will brag about you

A man, who cares about his woman and is serious about her, is happy to introduce her to his friends and family and tell them about her accomplishments and successes. If your man does so, then he wants you in his life. On the other hand, men who go to a party, for example, and leave their women to fend for themselves are the kind of men who want to have fun with someone else.

He will want to cuddle

If your guy really loves you, then he will send you messages like: “Can’t you just be next to me so we can cuddle?” which are very sweet! Men send this kind of messages when they really care about the woman they have. Otherwise, they wouldn’t make this “terrible” mistake.