April 18, 2015 sistatalks

Water is Life!

Water is life. Our body is made up of around 80% water, which is involved in every bodily function. If you lack water, then your body will try to get moisture from any liquid source in your system. It will automatically tap your blood, cell fluid, intra-cellular fluid, and even your stools and urine. When you’re literally draining yourself, you’re impacting your physical and mental health and speeding up the aging process.

Have you ever wondered what happens when you don’t drink enough water? If you suffer from fatigue, confusion, memory loss, dizziness, dry and wrinkled skin, brittle hair and nails, cold fingers and toes, constipation, eczema, headaches, urinary tract infections, and muscle pains then these are all signs of dehydration, so you need to start drinking water right away!

Here are seven excellent reasons to boost your water intake:

1.     Drink water to digest your food better

Your body is sage: it knows that the vital organs need essential nutrients more than the rest of your body. So, if you’re spending a bit too much time and effort on the toilet, you could probably use a glass (or two!) of pure water. Also, when you are dehydrated your body takes what’s available. As a result, you suffer from constipation and water-depleted stools which are hard to pass and can be there for days! So start drinking water please n order not to feel your stomach bloated with the overgrowth of fermenting bacteria and yeast.

1.     Drink water to stay sharp

Dehydration can trigger brain fog. If you want to be upbeat and focused, you need to drink more water. If you feel confused and forgetful, try drinking more water before going to see the doctor.

2.     Drink water, and you’ll love what you see in the mirror
In case you struggle with a puffy face and sunken eyes with dark circles, this means that your kidneys are in distress. The kidneys filter toxins, salts, and water from the bloodstream. If your body is dehydrated, then the kidneys can’t function properly. If the kidneys are overloaded, this will show up in your face. Maybe you just had a fun night out with a bit too much booze. Perhaps you ate too many salty snacks — or perhaps you’ve been getting a bit too much sodium from take-out. Whatever the reason, the result is written all over your face. So, you should start drinking water if you want to love what you see in the mirror. In case you like what you see every morning, then you’re doing it right girl!

3.     Drink water to have youthful skin.

If you want to boost your natural fillers and look more youthful, with glowing skin, try these  three things:

A. Splash cold water on your face several times every morning

B. Gently pat your skin dry

C. Drink a big glass of chilled water on an empty stomach.

You should drink more than two liters of water during the day and eat fat every day! By fat, I mean pure and unprocessed plant oils from foods like organic flax seeds, butter from grass-fed sources, and organic coconut oil! Fat binds the water to the dermis skin layer and functions as a natural filler. The fat (mainly from the butter) will store in the fat layer that prevents that hollow look that often appears with age.

4.     Drink water to lower your body fat

Furthermore, being dehydrated can make you gain more weight. As I mentioned earlier, your body will use all other fluids available when it’s dehydrated. By pulling water out of the bloodstream, excess glucose will remain until it reaches the liver, where it’s supposed to be stored as glycogen for later use.


5.     Drink water to curb your appetite

Pure water acts as an appetite suppressant, so every time you feel hungry, drink a big glass of water you act upon that sensation. You can also add fresh lemon juice if you want some taste in it or a splash of açai or pomegranate juice (without any added sugar). Enjoy!

6.     Drink water to help your body do its job.

As I said, water is life. The bloodstream provides our cells and organs with oxygen and nutrients and takes away any waste products. As you can see, blood is essential and vital. We learned that our body would tap the water from cells and blood if needed to help counter dehydration. The blood will become thicker, increasing the risk for clotting, and making it harder to pump it through the system. This can have a severe impact on blood pressure and heart disease. Dehydration is also linked to headaches, pain, and tension in muscles and joints. It even causes stomachaches and heartburn. Everything is connected throughout our body, and it’s important not to neglect one of its fundamental tools.

To sum up, you need about 2 Liters (65oz) of pure water a day. You might need more if you live in a warm or dry climate, if you often exercise or practice “Bikram” or hot yoga or if you are pregnant and breastfeeding. Plus, take into account the diuretic effects of coffee, tea, alcohol, and sodas, as well as salty foods.

So, do you drink enough water?