April 12, 2015 sistatalks

7 Celebrity Skincare Tips You Can, And Should Steal …

Celebrity skincare tips are everywhere, which is great for us common folk because we can steal their techniques for the skin as flawless and glowing as theirs – or as close as possible without an airbrush artist to make us look perfect. Celebrities obviously have a lot more money at their disposal, but many of them hark back to their average income years and swear by skincare tricks that are both affordable and doable. Steal these celebrity skincare tips, and you might just be mistaken for your favorite red carpet actress.

Toothpaste for Zits
No one likes a breakout, so celebrity skincare tips that get rid of them fast and cheaply are a handy tool for any girl’s arsenal. Fergie, of the Black Eyed Peas, uses toothpaste to get rid of her zits. Talk about easy and cheap! She says that she just dots a small dab of toothpaste on her pimples and it helps them dry up and go away. I can’t vouch for its effectiveness, but it can’t hurt to try this simple step next time you have a breakout.