April 7, 2015 sistatalks

5 Signs He’s Not The One

5. Lack of Respect
Respect is the most overlooked element when it comes to making a relationship work, but it’s one of the most essential. If you’re going to have a long-lasting, healthy relationship, you must respect your partner, and he must respect you.

Respect is huge for guys. I’d say it’s the number one thing men want out of their relationship (for women it’s love). A man needs to feel like the man; he needs to feel respected. If you don’t respect him or the way he lives his life, he will resent you and will not want to be with you long term.

At the same time, you need to be with a partner who will respect you. This means he respects you as a person, respects your beliefs, respects you aspiration, and especially, your boundaries.

Eye rolling has actually been shown to be a big predictor or divorce and it’s no surprise…it’s a clear sign that a partner doesn’t respect his spouse!

Source :www.anewmode.com