April 7, 2015 sistatalks

5 Signs He’s Not The One

3. He Brings Out Your Worst
As I said earlier, relationships are supposed to bring out your best. The sad fact is, a lot of women end up shackled to relationships that bring out their worst.

Sometimes you might not even recognize the person that your relationship has turned you into. That was the case for me many years back before I knew any better. I made the same mistake countless women make. I got so caught up in my feelings for the guy, that I overlooked the fact that I didn’t like myself all that much when I was around him.

Throughout the course of our one-year relationship, I was unrecognizable from my previous confident, happy, positive self. Instead, I felt insecure, panicked, anxious, and perpetually on edge. I couldn’t let go though because of my strong feelings for him. Those feelings locked me in a tight grip, and it was only when the relationship inevitably imploded that I was able to see just how toxic the situation truly was.

It wasn’t that he was a bad guy; he was just sorry for me. It’s a fact that would have saved me years of heartache had I realized it sooner.

The point is, a relationship should lift you higher, it shouldn’t drag you down. It should help you reach your potential and become the best version of yourself. Of course, relationships can’t be all sunshine and roses all the time. They take patience and work. However, no amount of work can salvage a toxic relationship.