April 10, 2015 sistatalks

5 Lies Men Tell Women They Date

Lie # 1: “Nothing’s Wrong, I’m Fine”
A whopping 52 percent of men have told their girlfriend this line. According to experts, this go-to fib is all about avoiding drama and protecting male pride. Men know they’re not as good with articulating what’s happening or how they’re feeling, so it’s easier for them to just keep you out of the situation. Next time he uses this line, give him a couple of days and then ask him again if he is still bummed…and why. By then he may have figured things out.

This is something men say in general. We don’t want to appear weak, so we will deflect with this line. Other times, we will say that because if the annoyance is minute, and we know we will get over it quickly, we won’t want to discuss it at all. Women love talking about emotions and how they feel because that’s how they’re wired. Men can get over little things but will discuss significant issues. It isn’t a slight on you; it’s just that talking about little issues can make us angrier than we want to be and we’d rather get over it on our own.

The overarching theme here is “communication.” We tell these white lies, but when they occur in abundance, it highlights a bigger issue with the level of comfort you have discussing topics with the woman you’re dating. Try not to find easy outs, especially if small problems will become major.