April 10, 2015 sistatalks

5 Lies Men Tell Women They Date

Lie # 9: “It Wasn’t That Expensive”
“Men like toys and they don’t like sensing your disapproval, even if you don’t share a bank account,” Amodeo says. He could also be dropping this fib to try to prove he’s responsible with money, says Barton Goldsmith, author of Emotional Fitness for Intimacy. “He doesn’t want you to think that if you do share funds down the line, he’s going to blow them all on things like plasma TVs.”
I guess the quote above could be real for married couples that share a joint bank account. It’s pretty challenging to swindle that when bank receipts and online statements can tell on you. This is more evident to me when you buy a woman a gift or pay for dinner. I never like a woman I take out to eat to look at the bill. I believe a certain mystery should be maintained. Plus I’d rather her not be concerned about what the meal or gift costs. I can afford it and that’s that. Plus, we don’t want our dates going on Twitter proclaiming that they got a $200 date…

Lie # 6: “Sorry, I Missed Your Call,”
Lie # 5: “My Battery Died,” and
Lie # 4: “I Had No Signal”
These three lines all mean the same thing: I screened your call. Why? “Often men will feed you these lies because they’re afraid to tell you to back off a bit, that they need a little alone time,” Amodeo says. You might want to ease up on the checking in and let him miss you more.