April 10, 2015 sistatalks

5 Lies Men Tell Women They Date

It’s no secret that men and women lie in relationships. Hell, humans constantly lie (whether it’s to themselves or other people). Men will usually tell these “little white lies” to avoid any headaches of a long, drawn-out conversation, or to save a woman form the impact that his words might cause. Whether you agree or not, this is a fact. I won’t go into the reasons why women lie because I don’t have time to write that novel (YET). I saw some common fibs men tell reading an article on MSN. Since I am a man and I have experience with truth fabrication theory, I’ll speak for my gender here and provide some insight into this topic.  I picked out the 5 lies men tell women that I liked most to discuss further:

Lie # 10: “I’m Stuck in Traffic”

“He figures it’s much easier just to say this than to try to explain the real reason he’s running late,” says John Amodeo, author of The Authentic Heart. “Remember, men, aren’t as good at communicating as women are.” The funny thing is, a guy will toss this line out even if what held him up is perfectly legitimate. Still, you shouldn’t let it slide — it’s a lie nonetheless.
People lie about their whereabouts early and often. Men do this because we don’t want to be reminded that we “should’ve left 30 minutes ago” to be on time. Yes, we can be punctual for other things but will lie through our teeth when we casually ignore timetables.

Also, I believe that there’s subconscious pettiness in men that will show up late for a woman because women hold us up getting ready for ANY event ALL THE TIME! If it takes you 90 minutes to get ready, why not get ready 2 hours in advance? If you know you’re going to be ready by 8, why tell us you’ll be ready at 7 and have us waiting an hour for you to come out of the house?! The tardiness is both reflexive and unnecessary.