April 5, 2015 sistatalks

4 Things You Should Never Tell Your Man…

2) Your friends business

Ladies, I can’t tell you how many times we fall into this trap of getting so close to our man that we start to share the juicy gossip stories about our friends. This is never a good idea. Men are hardwired only to hear the facts, so they are not going to understand that your girl Susie is painting the town red with every eligible bachelor because she is trying to take her mind off of her breakup heartache. He is only going to conclude that your friend is ‘loose’. Plus men often have a bad memory and forget that what you told him was a secret and may ask your friend “how is your xyz going.”

3) You hated the gift he gave you

Like I mentioned before, men are susceptible especially when they are trying to please you. If he buys you a gift that you don’t like, tell him that, you love it and you appreciate his thoughtfulness. I know this may be hard to do with a smile but trust me it will be worth it in the long run.