May 2, 2016 sistatalks

4 main reasons why new relationships usually fail

1. Unrealistic expectations:

You are brokenhearted and cursed him for his new girlfriend … and now you expect from an unknown to fill your gaps! This cannot be done! Logic says that as expectations grow, each time you have to take a step ahead! Agreed, but at present, this theory has no benefit to the following simple reason: It is not that man is crap, is that you do not have realistic expectations! He is indeed not perfect, but may prove ideal for you! Of course most of the time it is challenging to discover simply because of prior separation and once again you are brokenhearted, and of course you think “All men are pigs!”

2. The… past:

Was he unfaithful? The Next guy will do reindeer to learn! Or even worse, you will become so much … bastak, which he will ultimately feed up and will quit from you! We sincerely apologize, but one is this solution and has to do with you. Realize that each person is different, and that may be out there is someone who wants to be with you! Not worth even one chance?

3. The blur of mind…:

Something else that you may have heard is the fact that before you enter the process to make a new relationship, you should have cleared up with yourself, what you want and what you ask for! Usually, when the breakout is recent, our mind and our reactions are irrational! What better than to hang to a new acquaintance, to fall and make the same mistakes and worse! And you will stay alone again blaming men! So you first need to think and then to action.
4. The… misunderstandings:

For better or worse, and since most of the social media have come for good in our lives, we can not imagine our life without them! Unfortunately, it is also responsible for several misunderstandings especially if you do not know him well! A song, a status and you may become furious and perhaps without no reason! When you do not know the other very well, misunderstandings will occur! So you need to be very careful with social media.