April 15, 2015 sistatalks

20 Sure Signs to Tell Your Relationship is Oh-So-Over!

Is your love life making you unhappy? Read these 20 sure signs to know if your relationship is inching closer to its end, or worse, it’s over already! By Jessica Dawson

Is your relationship falling apart in front of your very own eyes?

It’s easy to know if your young love or seasoned marriage is inching closer to the edge of the precipice, ready to take a freefall to its death.

All you have to do is ask yourself if you’re happy in the relationship with your lover.

If you’re happy, or at least content, well, chances are, you’re doing alright for now.

But if you’re experiencing a prolonged state of unhappiness or dissatisfaction in your love life, there’s a perfect chance that things are not all jumpy and dandy in love land.

20 signs to know if your relationship is definitely over

Do you ever get that niggling thought at the back of your mind that, perhaps, your relationship may be doomed?

Read these 20 signs and ask yourself if you experience any of these signs. Or send these signs to your partner and ask them if they can relate to these signs.

If either of you experiences more than just a few of these telltale signs in your rocky romance, perhaps it’s time to have that we-need-to-talk conversation!

#1 You don’t respect your partner anymore.

You think your partner is a good person, but deep within, you don’t admire them or think their words are worth your time. If you don’t think your partner is worth your admiration, in all probability, you may be looking down at your partner or perhaps even feel embarrassed by them!

#2 Spending time together is boring.

Both of you just don’t have anything to talk about anymore. Silence in conversations is a sign of comfort, but in your case, it makes you feel awkward or want to yawn! There are no little talks anymore, and your partner’s company just bores you to death.