May 2, 2016 sistatalks

10 tips for keeping your marriage alive

1.       Trust

The key to a healthy relationship is trust. When you love someone you have to trust him, believe in every word he says and makes him feel free. For example, when your mate wants to go for a drink with friends, there is no need to worry. You may be married, but this doesn’t mean that you have to forget about anyone else. Both of you want to spend time on your own or/and with your friends. This is normal.

2.       Interest

You have to show your mate your attention and care in every chance. Ask him about his day, his work, his worries, spend time together and avoid neglecting each other. A good idea is to wake up earlier in the morning and take your time together. You ‘ll see that you will have a better day this way!

3.       Attraction

Of course, you have to attractive. Remember when you first met and started dating. You always wanted to look beautiful and charming. Right? Why don’t you do the same thing now? There is no doubt that he loves you the way you are, but it is nice when he smells your favorite perfume or when he sees you in your red dress. Think about it!

4.       Renewal

Going a short trip only the two of you, planning your holidays, eating a romantic dinner in your favorite restaurant are some excellent examples or renewing your marriage. Being together for a lot of years is not easy, so you have to do things that will keep that sparkle shining.

5.       Initiatives

Try to be sweet and kind with your mate as at the beginning of your relationship. Tell him how much you love him, surprise him with something beautiful, make a small gift or even write him a poet. Taking initiatives is very important because in this way you show your man that you still love him and that you want him to be happy.

6.       Fantasy

Avoid doing the same things every day. Try some new stuff, use your imagination and do things that you are both excited about. For example start playing roles while you are at home, like start pretending you don’t know each other or start flirting. This will help you, guaranty!

7.       Respect

You need to be mature and show respect to your mate. You chose your man to spend the rest of your life with him. This means you love him, so you have to respect him, too. Don’t underestimate him and avoid being bossy. You have to respect him if you want to respect you back.

8.       Communication

Lack of communication may cause a lot of problems in your relationship. If you don’t talk with your mate about your interests, fears, issues or if you don’t understand each other (even worse if you don’t try) then you ‘d better start worrying. Communication and understanding play critical roles in a happy relationship.

9.       Common Interests

It is great when you and your mate have the same interests, and you should take advantage of it. Go out and watch your favorite movies, book your tickets for your next trip or hang out with friends. Imagine being in a relationship with your mate not wanting to come with you or coming with you only because he had to. Not nice!

10.   Sociability

Being social, friendly and outgoing can help encourage your relationship. For example, if you like hanging out with his friends or with his relatives, go ahead and do it. He will appreciate the fact that you try to stay close to his loved ones.