April 14, 2015 sistatalks

10 Things Men Say When They Cheat

We don’t want it to be true, but sometimes men cheat, and the first thing you shouldn’t do is blame yourself. Relationships can be complicated at times, but it is never a reason to cheat on the person you love. So what are the signs to look for of a cheating man, are there certain things that men say or do when they cheat? Relationship coach Marcelina Hardy help us look for those cheating signs and to share 10 Things Men Say When They Cheat…

If you’ve been in a cheating relationship or wonder if you are in one, you may have heard your man say the following things. It’s amazing how many men say the same phrases as if they read a book on what to say when cheating.

1. She’s just a friend…
You discover he’s been talking to someone new, who is a female. He hasn’t said anything to you about her before you find out about her, and when you ask him if you can meet her, he objects. It’s because she’s really not a friend, she’s a girlfriend.