April 6, 2015 sistatalks


All guys are rough, tough and insensitive, aren’t they? Well, of course, they aren’t, and they love to hear compliments, just as much as a girl does. Unlike girls though, men don’t often complement each other, which makes it even more important to them, when a girl does compliment them. Complimenting a guy on his hair, clothes or shoes may not be a big thing for a man, so read on, and find out ten things that you can say to a guy that he will love:

1. Have him bristling with manly pride with a simple: ‘Can you help me with this, please?’

It may not be fashionable to talk about a man looking after his defensive lady, but they still love it when you ask them for help. Asking him to unscrew a pickle jar or reach up to a top shelf for you, will have him bristling with manly pride.

2. Make his day with a sincere: ‘You make me feel safe.’

This is another great boost to his macho ego. Men like to be protective and to feel that they can look after a girl, so telling him that you feel safe with him will make his day.

3. Boost his confidence with: ‘That woman’s looking at you.’

It is a confidence booster for a guy, but it also tells him that you care enough to notice that another girl is checking him out. Don’t do it too often though, or he will think you are becoming paranoid!